Sunday, November 22, 2009

First Blog:

Welcome to the happy new blog home of my jewelry making empire - Strung-Out Recycled Guitar String Jewelry. I'm sure the term 'Strung-Out' is taken by somebody out there with a lot more money than me, so if they happen to step forward with their panties all in a bunch, I'm the little fish - okay? :)

A lot goes into a name. I always put a lot of thought into the naming adventure. 'Strung-Out' came from the lyrics to Blister in the Sun by Violent Femmes. And that whole guitar strings thingy? Yeah. Voila! A name is born!

I started working with guitar strings because I had some. My brother Jay, the musical genius once got a guitar and decided to be a rockstar. Morgan gave me like a SHOEBOX full of new strings back when I got started. My Etsy store opened a year later.

I hope to keep this blog as a running commentary on whatever trouble I happen to be getting into, so that the world can be a part of my creative process.


Pictured: Two to Tango earrings