Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Directions?

Hi, blog! Hi, readers! Here's the view from my bead table these days:

Rocks! Lots and lots of rocks! I'm hooked on gemstones, collecting like a mofo, spending every dime that I earn selling pretties just to get my hands on new and thrilling stones. I made the bracelet above just this morning - plundering every corner of my gem collection for enough variety to make it happen! You can buy it by clicking on the photo! :)

 Filigree! Oh my stars, I am loving the renaissance of pretty, lacy, industrial, raw, patina-ed, assemblage-ed fabulousness of vintage-style findings and stampings out there. It's everything that I love about adornment! I'll take them all - in every finish! <3

Social Media! I was always skeptical about the effectiveness of Twitter and the like...until I traded a custom necklace for some of these keys by HautTotes...who happens to have eleventybajillion stalkers on Twitter. A couple plugs later...and delicious, by the way. That's all I'm gonna say about that!

I don't know how it happened, but my humble little guitar string bracelet endeavor - once used as a way to relieve the stress of my "real" work - has blossomed into a lovely little online shop. It's very gratifying - much like painting used to be the joyful, visceral experience that made me feel that art is powerful. I don't get the chance to paint anymore, but somehow arranging beads and metal stuff into a wearable object also holds power - and people get to wear it! I love being an artist! :)