Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Strings:

I admit it. I'm naughty. Not everything in my inventory is crafted from recycled strings. I buy a whole lot of my guitar strings in bulk from a fabulous store called Just Strings. They're pretty awesome, by the way. Shipping is fast, they accept my PayPal card AND their product catalog is insane. If you've got something with strings, they've got the strings you need.

The strings in the earrings, pendants and re-wound style stuff are recycled/donations. The majority of my bracelets are made with new strings I've purchased. Call it quality control if it makes me look better. ;)

I get a lot of donations of new strings, as well. When I got started with String-Out, I was gifted with a shoebox full of miscellaneous brand-new guitar strings. I owe that guy, big time!

I'm all excited because I'm expecting my latest string order sometime soon. I can't wait to get into my studio and make all kinds of new jewelry!

The piece featured above is my Snowfall Pendant. I built it on the ball-end of a string, instead of the base of the pendant being some large sparkly bit. Why didn't I think of that before? I dig it! :)