Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summertime, and the livin ain't easy...

I wish I had time to cover all of the bases and talk about ALL of the STUFF I've been creating, but I'm uh...sort of busy making stuff. And swooning. And fanning myself a lot. And eating ice cream. And trying to catch up on work because all of this fanning of myself is getting me behind! I need a couple of naked dudes to stand around fanning me. And feeding me grapes. Oh yes.
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I want to talk a little bit about craft shows. Who here has done one? I tried was a freakin' nightmare. I'm always so busy preparing that I'm not prepared enough to actually deal with the general public. I love using Etsy to sell my wares -- I can concentrate on and celebrate each piece individually. And the entire planet can see it - not just Mrs. Jones whose neighbor's daughter's cousin-in-law makes jewelry, and do I have anything in mauve? With teddy bears on it? And can she haggle it down to 25% of my asking price? 

I'm convinced that not only does the world not understand art...but the world doesn't understand that handmade stuff is special. Somebody's hands made that piece of art jewelry there. It contains a chunk of their soul, and if it's finely handcrafted and carefully created, it's worth the price. And there is inevitably some asshat out there who is going to rip it off and charge a fraction of your cost...but that's another blog for another angst-fueled time.
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I also had an experience with a retail seller who wanted to place my jewelry in their store. This might have gone alright had their store been open. And if it were in a location that people actually frequented, and not a dead mall in a dead city. They also hit up the craft fair circuit, and offered to take my work on the road. Which sounded awesome! Until it turns out that there are a lot of schmo's out there making a lot of cheapass jewelry that everyone is too busy fawning over to buy quality handmade merchandise. See above rant. :-\

I think I'll stick with Etsy for a hot minute, y'all.