Saturday, October 6, 2012



I posted this picture on Vintage Jewelry Supplies wall a couple weeks ago. They asked their followers to post a shot of their workspace. It's deceptively clean - I took a picture to commemorate my attempt at organizing some stuff. When I found three unopened packages of something I don't even use very often, in three different places, I knew it was time for some action! I have too much of everything, and time to use it!

Speaking of Vintage Jewelry Supply, I did manage to make some bridal jewelry last week. I used VJS's silver version of my most favorite stamping possibly ever. :) It was the perfect thing for a beautiful bride on the most lovely day. I snapped this shot as she was making her way up the aisle. I love the dress, and the feather bouquet and the location was stunning! Wedding win!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Directions?

Hi, blog! Hi, readers! Here's the view from my bead table these days:

Rocks! Lots and lots of rocks! I'm hooked on gemstones, collecting like a mofo, spending every dime that I earn selling pretties just to get my hands on new and thrilling stones. I made the bracelet above just this morning - plundering every corner of my gem collection for enough variety to make it happen! You can buy it by clicking on the photo! :)

 Filigree! Oh my stars, I am loving the renaissance of pretty, lacy, industrial, raw, patina-ed, assemblage-ed fabulousness of vintage-style findings and stampings out there. It's everything that I love about adornment! I'll take them all - in every finish! <3

Social Media! I was always skeptical about the effectiveness of Twitter and the like...until I traded a custom necklace for some of these keys by HautTotes...who happens to have eleventybajillion stalkers on Twitter. A couple plugs later...and delicious, by the way. That's all I'm gonna say about that!

I don't know how it happened, but my humble little guitar string bracelet endeavor - once used as a way to relieve the stress of my "real" work - has blossomed into a lovely little online shop. It's very gratifying - much like painting used to be the joyful, visceral experience that made me feel that art is powerful. I don't get the chance to paint anymore, but somehow arranging beads and metal stuff into a wearable object also holds power - and people get to wear it! I love being an artist! :)