Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Box:

I'm a weird, sentimental person. Silly stuff like a neat rock, fortune cookie fortunes or toys from vending machines are the souvenirs I keep from my travels...but not usually commercial-type touristy junk.

It is in this train of thought that I present to you, The Box. It came to me when my grandmother passed away, packed full of all kinds of wild seashells, some plastic discs, some clip-on earring findings and a tube of 1950's adhesive. I put all of that other stuff away somewhere -- I was smitten with the box itself.
This is the box that  I use when I photograph pretty much every pair of earrings that I make. The address is for a house that was knocked over in the 80s to make room for a highway on-ramp.

I think it's spectacular. The graphics are awesome. It boggles my mind that three cents could provide enough postage to send anything anywhere!
I don't really have a point for this post, except to share the origin of a random thing that shows up in so many of my listings. You don't need a fancy-pants studio setup to photograph your jewelry. You can use an unintentional heirloom and a little bit of sunshine! :)

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